halb eins  - words, music, silence

24th of january 2018, 12.30, Heiliggeistkirche Bern

words: Karin Petersen, author

music: Isabel Lerchmüller

further informations: here

movie: „Ein Lied für mich, für dich“ („A Song for me, for you“)

18th february 2018, 12.00 and 17.00, Lichtspiel Bern

During the BETA Festival 2018 the 56-min. movie by Baumgartner/Lerchmüller/Wirz will be shown: A music-dance road trip through Switzerland, in memory of a good friend.

OPUS orchestra concerts with choir

10th of march 2018, 20.15, Stadtkirche Burgdorf

11th of march 2018, 17.00, Stadtkirche Burgdorf

Antonio Buzzolla: Requiem and Kyrie from the "Messa per Rossini"

Gioachino Rossini: Stabat Mater

Giuseppe Verdi: Libera me from the "Messa per Rossini"

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