duo halbvier

Isabel Lerchmüller (flute) and Blathnaid Fischer-Fuhrer (harp) are playing as duo „halbvier“ for different occasions and make their audience enjoy a variety of music - listen: here

Requests for weddings, funerals, birthday parties and other events: contact

duo halbvier



Shakulimba is a duet with siblings Isabel and Patrik Lerchmüller, combining the Japanese bamboo flute Shakuhachi and the South-African thumb piano Kalimba. Shakulimba creates contemporary zen music.

More informations and music:

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rueckenlage combines music and photography and creates crossdiscipline productions for lying audience. Already four projects have been realized under the artistic direction of Isabel Lerchmüller: 2009 Reisefluss, 2010 fLiegen, 2012 HAIKU and 2017 fLiegen II.

More informations and

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duo arco-aria

Isabel Lerchmüller (flutes) and Anita Hassler (cello) are presenting as duo arco-aria divers and entertaining music programs. You will hear baroque pieces as well as contemporary works - always accompanied by authentic and refreshing comments. Music sample: here

duo arco-aria Foto

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