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Kinder-Progr Kulturlabor, workshop „move & groove“, www.kinderprogr.chŸ

frisch bespielt, music project in the Kantonsspital Aarau - hospital of Aarau, Isabel Lerchmüller (shakuhachi, alto flute), description&infos

Rosetsu - ferocious brush, exhibition opening at the Museum Rietberg Zürich and soundtrack for the short movie about Temple Muryoji, SHAKULIMBA

Marguerite Frey-Surbek & Victor Surbek, exhibition opening at Schloss Spiez, duo halbvier

LINEA, music-movie-project in Bern, Basel, St.Gallen, Locarno and Genua by

kunst kreuzt weg - the other Way of the Cross, Bern. Contemporary artists reinterpret the 14 stations of the traditional Way of the Cross, among others Isabel Lerchmüller (Shakuhachi), radio report

Ein Lied für mich, für dich, once more at the Lichtspiel Bern, documentary movie, 56min. by Baumgartner/Lerchmüller/Wirz: Trailer


Daiheiji Tempel concert with reading in Toyohashi, Japan, Akihito Okuno (reading), Masako Suzuki (piano), Isabel Lerchmüller (flute/shakuhachi)

Mosaikconcerts in Switzerland, Anita Hassler (cello), Isabel Lerchmüller (flute)

fLiegen II, premiere in Progr Bern, audio-visual event for lying audience by Kollektiv RUECKENLAGE


music advent calendar, church Heiliggeist Bern, Anita Hassler (cello), Isabel Lerchmüller (flute)

Moon over the ruined Castle, chamber music evenings Langnau, duo halbvier

Ewigkeit, 1. and 3.movement for Shakuhachi and Cello, premiere in the Cemetery chapel Herzogenbuchsee, Yuko Ito (composition, cello), Isabel Lerchmüller (shakuhachi)

Im Banne der Schwerkraft / Under the Spell of Gravity, Zentrum Paul Klee Bern, Lucía Baumgartner (choreography/artistic director), Tekeal Riley and Jonas Furrer (dance), Isabel Lerchmüller (bass flute)

Under the Spell of Gravity: trailer

Ich will Schönes Dir zeigen, Stubete am See at the Tonhalle Zürich, Trio Jütz and Duo Shakulimba

SHAKULIMBA, concert at the Galerie Claudia Geiser in Zürich

Der Wind begann zu erzählen, Lenzburgiade - classic and folk international in Lenzburg, Duo Shakulimba / Trio Jütz / storyteller Dina Nora

TRIGGER, at the Kulturhof Schloss Köniz, music dance performance by inFlux&Lerchmüller

TRIGGER: Trailer

Der Tiger-Bericht, by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, Zwischenraum Bern, Udo van Oyen (text), Isabel Lerchmüller (shakuhachi)


TRIGGER, premiere at the Dampfzentrale Bern, music dance performance by inFlux&Lerchmüller

TRIGGER: Trailer

Als der Bambus lauschte... in Bern and Bolligen, Duo Shakulimba and storyteller Dina Nora

Ein Lied für mich, für dich, documentary movie, 56min. by Baumgartner/Lerchmüller/Wirz

Ein Lied für mich, für dich: Trailer

ŸDaiheiji Tempel concert with reading in Toyohashi (Japan), Akihito Okuno (reading), Masako Suzuki (piano), Isabel Lerchmüller (flute/shakuhachi)

Ewigkeit, 2. mouvement for Shakuhachi solo, premiere in the Kirche Herzogenbuchsee, Yuko Ito (composition), Isabel Lerchmüller (shakuhachi)

duo halbvierconcerts in Switzerland with works by Händel, Bizet, Verdi a.o., Blathnaid Fischer-Fuhrer (harp), Isabel Lerchmüller (flutes)


Zeitungsstücke, in Bern and Zürich with the Impro-Compagnie dialoge

Story of a Nightpianist, in Aarau, music dance theater by Wernli/Buonomo/Turchi-Floris

Story of a Nightpianist: Trailer

measured memories, UTP Unwrap The Present in Bern, Solo-Performance with teddybear, dolls and flutes

duo halbvier, concerts and photo exhibition in Bern and Kirchdorf with works from Irland, Japan, South America a.o., Martin Bichsel (photography), Blathnaid Fischer-Fuhrer (harp), Isabel Lerchmüller (flutes)


Konnichiwa, opening of the exhibition at Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Isabel Lerchmüller (shakuhachi music)


HAIKU, premiere in Progr Bern, audio-visual event for lying audience by Kollektiv RUECKENLAGE

Modus Variabilisfor shakuhachi-flutes and voice, premiere in Kyoto (Japan), Vlastislav Matousek (composition)


lines and clusters, in Bern, Basel and Luzern, an interdisciplinary piece by Trans_Form

duo halbvierconcerts in Switzerland with works by Mozart, Pergolesi, Debussy, Piazzolla, Shankar a.o., Blathnaid Fischer-Fuhrer (harp), Isabel Lerchmüller (flutes)

silk, performance at the Oberaargletscher, Susanne Daeppen and Christoph Lauerer (dance), Isabel Lerchmüller (shakuhachi music)


fLiegen, in Bern, audio-visual event for lying audience by Kollektiv RUECKENLAGE

Images from above, premiere in Bern, Dave Scherler (composition), Blathnaid Fischer-Fuhrer (harp), Isabel Lerchmüller (alto flute)

Irren am Abgrund, Meyerstollen Aarau, Isabel Lerchmüller (butoh dance and shakuhachi music)

blinder Atem - klopfende Spurenin Biel and Bern, Remo Ryser (butoh dance), Isabel Lerchmüller (flute, loopstation)


Provence,  concert and olive oil degustation in Bern, flute-trio Lerchmüller Glasson Ferretti

Sprungbrett, Kulturnacht in Lenzburg, Isabel Lerchmüller (concept/music/dance)

114.0, Bern, dance performance by the compagnie punkt null with Live-Musik, Brigitta Oesch-Burgener and Isabel Lerchmüller (concept)


Full Fadom Fivefor alto flute, voice, cello, harp, piano, premiere in Basel, Silvan Loher (composition)


Choreafor a dancing flutist or a flute playing dancer, premiere in Bern, Christian Henking (composition), Isabel Lerchmüller (flute)

Halma, Bern, a dance performance by the compagnie punkt null


Werkstattperformance, Bern, Brigitta Oesch (cello/dance/concept), Isabel Lerchmüller (flute/dance/concept), Manuel Pasquinelli (percussion/dance)


As a flutist Isabel plays regularly with the Bach Collegium Bern since 2009 and is a fix member of OPUS Orchester Bern.

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